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Fall Freshen up

Finally the temperatures are cooling down, and the leaves are just starting to change. I always notice the amazing colors, especially the oranges, reds and bright yellows. These colors all pop off of black as the neutral. So how do you bring fall into your home that can transition into the brilliant holiday season?

A harvest colored throw or pillows on a neutral sofa is a great start to your fall fresh look. Look to things that are easy to change out like a throw or pillow covers. Remember, it’s way easier to have pillow covers laying around than it is to have actual pillows. Find decent feather throw pillows, then you can just add pillow covers as seasons and trends change.

Other things to look for are art and lamps. I found a great autumn picture that has a fall theme with a pumpkin and fresh fall saying. Pumpkins , sunflowers and bright colored leaves say get ready to cozy up, build a bonfire, and then just add that plaid throw.

Think about keeping things natural with a large green glass bottle and add branches with colorful fall leaves. Place this on a foyer or dining table. Add a burlap runner or a burlap anything to a space and it will change the overall feel.

Another great way to change the look and feel of your home for fall is to spin your furniture. If you have an accent chair in a bedroom or office, think about switching out the chair to another space. This gives a fresh feel to a room. Also, start to think about the fast approaching holiday season. Think about where your Christmas tree is going to sit and begin to plan the area. To really change things up, think about a new and different place or even a new room!



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