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Finding your fabrics

This week we’re going to continue building on the basics with fabrics and rugs. When you start to design a space, you need something to be your inspiration. For me, I love fabric! This is where I got my start many years ago when window treatments where not just panels, but valances with trims and hardware that was ornate and decorative.

Fabric is an excellent inspiration to build on because it will have various colors and you can mix patterns and shades that coordinate with and enhance the look of your inspiration fabric. Whether you like contemporary fabric or florals, it will help you create a look that flows from space to space.

When you use a fabric for your inspiration, you’ll want to pick out colors from the fabric that you can then build a room on. So, I am going to do a floral because I love flowers and I can get a really good mix of colors.

Pick your favorite color from the fabric and either pull a solid fabric or something with a small pattern. Some of this is trial and error, so go to a fabric store that has swatches you can take home and mix and match in your lighting. This is really important also! Your lighting will make all the difference to the colors in the fabric, so what looks great in the store may not look so great at home. Bring home lots of swatches to play with.

Don't forget the wild card! This is a color that isn’t in the fabric but looks amazing with the colors in the fabric. We call this the accent fabric that is used in a room to give it interest. Sometimes, this is a pattern like an animal or geometric. I love this element in a room because it a lot of character.

As you move from room to room, pull a different color from the inspiration fabric to be your dominant color. Whatever color you used strongly in the previous room, make that your recessive color in the next room. Again, play with your swatches! You can create a complete look using just 4-6 fabrics.

If you’re struggling with this, because I know it can be a bit daunting, call your favorite interior designer. This is my passion, and we are here to help.



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