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Getting ready for the cold weather

BRRRRR! Cooler and cold temperatures sure hit fast and a bit ugly for those of us in the south. I had a friend post on Facebook, “hey friends in the north, your weather is all over my lawn, would you come down and pick it up…please!” It certainly made me chuckle, but it also made me think of our heating and air systems that will need our attention so they are ready for the upcoming winter season.

Your AC system needs to be put to bed and your heat needs to be woken up. If you’re like me and you just installed a new AC system and spent a bit of money, you want to get a good cover for the unit so it does not fill with leaves and debris. It helps the unit to last longer.

On the flip side, your heat system needs to be checked and cleaned to be sure it is ready for the new season.

Let’s revisit my blog from last fall that shared all the great insights for putting the AC to bed and waking up the heat so you can be toasty and warm.



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