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Love it or Leave it -- Reasons to Stay

Over Labor Day weekend, my daughter Renee, her husband PJ and myself took on the bath in the guest room. We had a mishap with copper water lines and the fiberglass tub had to be removed. As I worked on this project, it made me think of my own master bath and what it will take to get the job done.

What’s really interesting to think about is, why would you stay in the house you have and not move on to something new? If you are like me and just love your house, but know it’s lacking in some areas, it’s time to look at what would make your house really work.

Take the time to look at all that is right and all that is wrong. I love to build Pinterest boards that show great ideas and looks for all the rooms of my house. These are what I call idea boards. I personally don’t like to create a carbon copy of a board or picture I found on Pinterest or Instagram, to me they are places of inspiration. These wonderful inspiration platforms really help you to see ideas and designs from all over the world and creative ways to live in your home.

When you start to plan your new look, room or addition, look create a list of all the things that are most important. Not only the design or pretty options, but the function and utilitarian ideas too. Things to consider that really make a home more functional are:

A drop zone or laundry/home office. This is where the action occurs and needs typically needs to be contained in an area that can be left a bit messy at times, but cleans up to be amazing.

The master bedroom closets and bathroom. These are also areas that should be pretty and function well. I highly recommend having your master closet professionally designed and built to maximize your space. A well planned closet can increase storage by 35% if you’re using every inch to capacity.

I’ve had clients and friends say, “wow that seems very extravagant!” My response? It’s not at all! When you live in an organized and efficient space you just live BETTER.

And we should all look to live better! Making your home a space that functions well, looks nice and feels amazing to you is called HOME.



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