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Remodeling during a pandemic

Taking on a remodeling project can be a lot to handle in the best of times, but now in a pandemic it can be even more challenging. I want to look at two types of remodels: a soft remodel and a full remodel.

A soft remodel is a project where you don’t remove everything, but instead focus on upgrading the fixtures, changing out knobs and handles on the vanity, changing the plumbing trim in the shower, maybe painting the vanity a spicy color. The mirror and the light fixtures play a big part in how the room looks and feels, so do not miss the opportunity to put a whole new spin on the room with some all in all easy changes.

We’re seeing changes in lighting trends for bathrooms right now, we’re moving back to sconces on either side of the mirror, rather than one light above. Now, that could mean some electrical work, and maybe drywall repair depending on your current lighting situation, but all of that work can be easily handled by a good handyman. If you currently have lights over your mirror, think about flipping them over so the light shines up, this really adds a brighter feel to the room and takes the shadows off your face.

Another easy facelift for your bath is the fixtures style and color. Warm gold hardware is hot and brings a fresh feel to the vanity, and the hottest color in plumbing is black. Also mixing the finishes is a biggy. Feel free to branch out a bit.

In the kitchen, an easy way to do a soft remodel is to change your cabinet hardware. Check out a new style or color. Play your opposites, if you have a traditional cabinet try a streamline handle or block shaped knobs. If you have a slab or contemporary cabinet, try a vintage pull or handle. These opposites add something unexpected to your room.

Light fixtures are a lot like the bath and a new fixture goes a long way. If you have a pendant light look to change the shade or globe. But make sure you measure the base because globes are not one standard size.

Another element that really adds a lot to the room is the backsplash. If you do not have a backsplash or just a 4” granite splash, adding a new backsplash is pretty easy. Make sure you watch a couple videos to know what you are getting into, but it’s typically a manageable project for a weekend depending on the size of your kitchen.

A full remodel involves changes to major elements like cabinets, electrical, moving plumbing and appliances. This will need a contractor and you could need to move out because of the amount of work that needs to be done.

A great way to see what your remodel will look like is to have a plan made in both 2D and 3D. This allows you to see the project before you even begin. Also with the stay at home order, this is a great way to begin to plan your remodel. Then when the order is lifted, you will be ready to go. Check out the Design Services section of my website to learn more.



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