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Sprinkle in Christmas

I have fallen in love with Christmas pillows. They are the easiest way to add a touch of holiday spirit to any room. When you have a space or area that needs just a little more Christmas, think about adding a pillow!

They come in so many styles and shapes— everything from formal and fancy to casual and fun. On top of that, they’re easy to find and inexpensive. They can be found at higher-end stores like Williams Sonoma or Neiman Marcus or at almost any store like Target, TJ Maxx, or even on Amazon.

Pillows can be used in every and any space to make a merry statement. I have used them a lot in my decorating this year. Guest bedrooms are one of my favorite places! You don’t have to buy holiday bedding— just pop in a pillow! This is a great way to make your holiday guests feel welcome and share your festive spirit.

A den or living room is a great place to add a touch of the holidays. Using a pillow that matches your tree's color scheme can tie in your regular decor with the holiday accents that make the season sparkle. You can create an extra cozy space with a few pillows that bring in holiday colors, and maybe add in a blanket to up the cozy factor. Do you see how these pillows, even though they're not the traditional red and green, tie together the soft pink tones of the room and make the whole space feel like Christmas?

Think about a festive throw and a holiday pillow to move you right through the holiday season.

When you need a quick way to add a touch of Christmas to a room, bring in a pillow!



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