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The three C's for more calm in your space

Calm. We talked about this some last week and I think we can all agree that it’s more important than ever. So, how do we actually achieve that oasis feeling that we usually find from a beautiful resort or vacation home? Today, we’re keeping it simple with three ways to calm your space: Color, Clutter and Clean.

I know these may seem obvious or even too simple, but if you think about each one, they all have incredible power to affect our lives.

Color can affect us in so many ways. The color of our walls, the color of our clothes and the color of the places we visit. Take a minute to think about your favorite rooms, clothes and places. What do all of these have in common? I am going to suspect they all resonate with how they make you feel. In the exact same way, the feeling of calm comes from our environment and how that environment makes us feel. I feel like people tend to fall on one side of a spectrum. You either gravitate toward warmer, cozy colors or light, bright and airy. Take a scroll through the pictures of rooms you may have saved on Instagram or Pinterest and see if you notice a trend in one direction or another. Once you’ve figured that out, look back at our conversation on paint colors for some ideas!

Clutter is a calm snatcher! When there is a lot of clutter like mail, dirty dishes, clothes, and “stuff” laying around, it steals our calm. Having a space that is clean and organized with clutter to a minimum is key to making things look and feel calm. Another form of clutter is lots of stuff sitting around. I prefer to keep all my tabletops to three items. When you have a lot of small things laying around, they can be a big distraction and become hard to live with. So, when you start to think about buying an item, make sure it has a place and not just because it was cute.

A clean space makes us feel so much better and calmer. I know when I let my house go, I feel nervous and have a hard time sitting still. That is definitely not calm. Now we all have ideas of clean and you will need to keep it up to what best fits you and your lifestyle. I know I feel great when I give my house a vacuum, dishes are clean in the kitchen and beds are made.

These are practical things that I am sure most of you read and thought, “well duh!” But if we’re honest with ourselves, typically they can be things we ignore. So, start with the three C’s to create calm. Color, clutter and clean will bring back the piece of mind you need to have a calm and happy world.



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