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What makes paint the RIGHT paint?

We are loving the DIY bug right now and painting is the number one thing to do. I bought paint for my bath vanity where I’m doing a soft remodel and paint for the walls in a beautiful aqua. But as I explored what and where I was painting, I did some research on paint types and finishes, and new technology in paint. This does not just apply to the interior of homes, but the exterior also.

The type of paint will make or break the look of your project. Knowing the difference between each sheen and where to use them is the key to success. But it goes a bit further now. Many manufacturers now make types of paint for each type of use, like trim and high usage area. These contain a bit more polyurethane and polymers to make the paint bond to the surface better. Kitchens and bathrooms should have an eggshell finish to protect from water, moisture, or cooking. Flat paint is great to hide the imperfections on the walls, but you cannot clean the surface without leaving a mark. I find flat paint to look chalky when applied. Look at a washable matte finish for paint if you love a low sheen.

Sherwin Williams is a line of paint I work with often, so I know a bit more about this line than others. I’m not saying other lines do not have products that will work just as well, this is just my preference. The Emerald line has become a favorite because of the quality of paint and what goes into the mixings. The Emerald line is great for coverage, hidability, offers a paint and primer in one, inhibits mold and mildew growth, and comes in all sheens from flat to semi-gloss. Emerald Designer is a low VOC paint for those who want the low odor, highest grade of coverage and comes in 200 new shades. But it does cost more per bucket. However, value-wise it’s really not overpriced. Getting it right the first time is key to a successful paint job. We all love quality- quality wine, food cars and experiences. And this applies to your paint, too. You will get what you pay for.

Emerald Urethane is the best product I’ve used for cabinets, trim and things like bookcases. It has great bonding properties to make it look amazing the first time. Also great for exteriors. When painting exteriors, make sure you are looking at paints that have UV protectants and water repellency.

So, what really matters when it comes to paint? What is in the paint is just as important as how you apply it and the color you select. Some manufacturers use water or less dense products to make the paint thinner. This will affect the way it covers the existing color on the walls and how long it lasts. I truly had a client that had the paint disappear off the wall over a period of time, it was an amazing thing to see, but definitely not what you want.

Take the time to learn about what you’re painting and what type of paint should be used where and the results will be worth the effort. If you have questions ask a designer or even someone at your local Sherwin Williams or hardware store.



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