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What room are you neglecting?

Did you say bathroom? What about mudroom or office? Here's what I know you didn't say, YOUR bedroom. We all spend time and money on making our kitchens and bath look amazing, but somehow our bedroom often becomes the clutter and collections zone. We don't know where to put it, so we stick it in our bedroom. Then, when we look around the room it's not a nice or peaceful space, and far from a romantic one.

A bedroom should be a place of retreat and relaxation. Think about your guest room, we purchase pretty bedding, we make it really comfortable and then sometimes no one ever stays in the space. But when we turn to our space, the room can be the piecemeal and left overs from past decoration ideas and things we found that do not really match.

So, how do we dig ourselves out of a mismatched, cluttered bedroom? Let’s look at what stays and what should go. The obvious place to start is organizing what's in your room: clothes, shoes, extra things from around the house that you do not know where else to out them.

I like to use the three-box method. One box is must have or keep. The second has the things that are nice, but should not be in there, and the third gets filled with the things that need to be thrown out. Go through what you have, but don't think about it too long. If you've had it more than a year and have not touched it, out it goes. If it is a kid thing like art, crafts or a picture, it just needs a better place to live. And if it is something you love, we need to figure out how to use it in your new room.

Take some time to dream of your space. Look at places like Pinterest or HOUZZ, even Instagram to see rooms, bedding and ideas that make you feel good about your space. A bedroom is all about feel! And you decide what that feel is. You may want a romantic retreat, or a reading haven or a boutique hideaway. None of these are wrong, your space is all about making you feel special. So let's create a vision board for your bedroom. Clip pictures and ideas for your room and see what you come up with.

I'm doing this in my bedroom as well. I am a girl in transition, and need a new feel for my bedroom too. Let’s do this together and see what we can design. I’m thinking romantic!

See you next week! Bring your bedroom board!


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