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Whats next? Build your style!

I just started working with a new client, and I am so excited to help them build their dream home. She is in love with the farmhouse style. Most people are! My question is why? The answer is usually the same. Everyone loves the warm feel, the fresh light colors, and the sophisticated look when it all comes together. Now that they are in the thick of the selections, making it all come together is the tricky part. And this is where an interior designer should come in.

Cabinets alone can push you over the edge. There are so many things to consider, like door styles, cabinet colors, and cabinet hardware. Where we really need to start is the layout. I have seen too many kitchens that are a stock plan, and while they look good on paper, the plan isn’t functional in a real kitchen. A kitchen must be both beautiful and functional. I’m very passionate about function, and making sure it works is super important.

When we took over this kitchen plan, the first thing we did was look at how they cook in the space, clean in the space, eat in the space, and entertain in the space. All these tasks take a different approach as to how the kitchen will be used.

Every kitchen needs a long run of countertop to prep, cook, and serve on. Then the focus shifts to clean up and entertaining in the space. Now, you might be saying “I do not entertain.” However, even an event like a birthday party for your family is entertaining. We all know the kitchen is the hub of the home, and if you build it they will come.

Then comes the function of the space. We all know about the triangle, and that was important when we only had 3 appliances. Now we have cooktops, double ovens, ranges, steam ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, coffee machines, wine refrigerators, beverage drawers, dish washing drawers, dishwashers, and this is the short list! Today, it’s essential to spread things out, so everything feels clutter-free and people are not on top of each other to get a soda or warm up a piece of pizza.

Creating stations within a kitchen is key to a successful layout. A coffee bar, a beverage center, a prep zone, wine area, cooking area, baking area, cleanup, and most importantly, family and friend zone. A true commercial kitchen has areas that provide for the task, why should your house be any different?

If you are remodeling or building a new home, getting help from a professional designer to review your plan and show you how great the look and function will be is worth everything. Especially if this is a remodel.

Laura Redd Interiors is a full-service interior design/ remodeling company. Specializing in kitchen and bath design. We can review your plan and create two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs unique for you. This will allow you to see your new look before any work begins. We have a passion for exceptional everyday living!



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