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Windows and how to “treat” them

I love window treatments. It is where I got my start 24 years ago. We did everything with fabric on a window. Swags and jabots, fringe on the edges, and lots of bullion to boot! I love windows and fabrics and the designs that can be added to make a window even more becoming. I know the designs for today are much simpler, panels on simple rods, but that does not mean they need to be boring!

Many great options can be found in the ready-made market. But think about taking it to the next level and adding a decorative tape to the leading edge to give it a special pop. This can also be done to a roman shade across the bottom or on either side. If you would like a really custom look, selecting your own fabric is the way to pull a room together. The fabric can then be coordinated with pillows and a rug and even a throw to create your own personal style.

Another great option for window coverings are the many options of blinds. I know we all go the 2-3 inch faux wood blind, but there are many more options. I love the fabric-look roller shade (don’t wrinkle your nose) these have come a long way and have many features. They can be semi private or private, sun blocking or translucent. They can be easy-lift, top down, bottom up, or motorized. These fabrics and options are perfect to use in a difficult window. And if you enjoy a more contemporary look, these are perfect for your home.

The holidays are right around the corner, adding a window treatment and fresh bedding can be just what your room needs to make your guest feel right at home.

Think of window treatments as jewelry for your room. If you were wearing a simple black dress, you would want to dress it up, add the jewelry and show your style!



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