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And just like that we're 50!!

WOW! It's hard to believe this is blog post number 50! It's time to celebrate and look forward to 50 more. I have had so much fun bringing you information, great design tips and outdoor living looks, and how to’s.

Before we can move forward, there always needs to be a little looking back. And I was curious about the top three posts you guys responded to and enjoyed. I’ve got to say, I was surprised! It was an interesting mix and gives me a clue of what you’d like to see more of.

So there actually has been a means to this madness and I’m thrilled to finally give you a peek behind the curtain. I am working on a book! It will be one beautiful place where all this information and more will be compiled in an easy format that allows you to find and tackle basic home maintenance, small design projects, and essentially make your home a place to live exceptionally!

Imagine a tool you can go to and learn what to do to keep your home in tip top shape. Imagine knowing when to do the maintenance on your home and systems to keep things running and up to date throughout the year. Imagine knowing what to update to keep your house at top value. I’ll be gathering information from builders, remodelers, real estate agents and my own experience to bring you the exact information you need.

On the design side, my plan is to introduce you to easy updates and inspirations to keep your home beautiful and a true reflection of you. Imagine a place to keep all your home information like paint chips and fabric swatches, contractor’s information and contacts. For me, I just love to see and touch things and have a tangible reminder, must be the designer in me!

And last is the cleaning, even if you have a cleaning service there are some specific and seasonal things that are important, but we forget. So we’ll look at various things that need to be cleaned and probably are being missed.

My dream for this book is for it to be something everyone will want for their home to make them feel like confident homeowners. Because when we’re confident homeowners, it’s much easier to love our homes. And as you know after following along for 50 blogs, that’s what I’m all about.

So let’s celebrate this huge milestone and I look forward to bringing you more great ideas, projects and ugly design next week! Cheers!!



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