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Meaningful Design

We all love a beautiful accessory that we find at a big box store or small boutique that we thought was cute. I love to find those little treasures as much as you do, but when we look around our homes, I think it’s important that the things around us have meaning.

Looking around your home should fill you with love, peace, joy and happiness. Do you have family furniture or something you found on a trip or vacation with your family? When you take the time to look around your home, and you see pieces of furniture, art and pottery that you have collected over the years, it makes you smile and remember the moment.

I was looking for a new furniture piece to hold my TV and make the space look fresh recently. I love antiques. All of my family has passed on and there are no more family pieces for me to collect.

So, as I was walking through an antique sale I came across a beautiful true mid-century modern entertainment piece that had been totally restored. I even had the pleasure of meeting the artist who restored the piece. She told me about where the piece came from and that her uncle had left it to rot in a basement. She pulled it out of the trash and took it home. One inch at a time she restored it to brand new.

I promised her I would take good care of it and that it would be exactly what my living room needed. I will always remember how happy she was, now all my favorite treasures, pictures and books reside in this special piece. To me, this is meaningful design.

I have one piece of furniture that came from my mom. She had this great white desk that she found with me at an auction. It was such a fun adventure. I was only a kid and we used to go to auctions every weekend. When she found that desk, she was so happy. When she passed, I knew the desk would have a great place in my home. I see it every day and it makes me happy.

All this to say, let’s take the time to fill our homes with furniture, art and accessories that bring peace, love, joy and great memories.

I’m excited to stay on this topic for a bit. So please share your photos and stories of meaningful design through my Instagram, @laurareddinteriors



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